Boost Consumer Engagement by Leveraging the Crowd

By: Alex Chrum | Published: August 10, 2012

The digital domination of consumer markets makes getting creative and incorporating crowdsourcing into your consumer engagement strategies a must to stay relevant in an increasingly connected marketplace. From Tweets, Facebook apps and gamification to consumer-generated video content and targeted surveys, the ways your brand interacts with consumers dictates how loyal they are in return.

Consumer engagement is an investment with large dividends

Effective consumer engagement creates an opportunity to build brand loyalty with existing customers and build relationships with new customers. Interactive experiences help shape your company’s relationship with consumers more than any other aspect of your marketing campaign. In fact, when you obtain, listen to and use consumer input, customers feel as if they are a part of building your brand— they feel more invested.

When consumers feel invested, they are more likely to make repeat purchases and promote your brand through a host of social media sites. Crowdsourcing offers a number of ways to leverage the crowd to get the most from your consumer engagement efforts. A few solutions include the following:

  • Consumer-generated video
  • Sentiment analysis of social media chatter or online reviews
  • Targeted surveys for marketing or feedback purposes

Consumer engagement through crowdsourcing consumer-generated video

Consumer-generated video serves to boost your consumer engagement while providing you with genuine marketing materials. Whether it is product reviews, feedback on existing products or input on new products, video content put together by customers via crowdsourcing makes consumers feel more invested and builds brand loyalty. Videos also allow more consumers to relate to your content because they are from everyday consumers to which they can relate.

Consumer engagement through crowdsourcing sentiment analysis

Feedback from video content, comments on blogs, Tweets, Facebook comments, shares on Pinterest and many other social media sites provide you with massive amounts of data on what your customers think, feel and say about your brand. Part of consumer engagement is sorting through that data and building your relationships with consumers around it. Analyzing and utilizing the information from social media sources is easily handled by the crowd with sentiment analysis, categorization or anything that helps you better understand consumers and how they relate to your brand.

Consumer engagement through crowdsourcing targeted surveys

Whether you’re seeking consumers with specific demographics or in particular geographic locations, crowdsourcing puts unprecedented numbers of consumers at your disposal to get the feedback you need to improve consumer engagement. Target surveys to a specific age group, gender or interest, for example, and get results specific enough to let you shape your business practices, strategies and more.

These are just a few of the ways in which crowdsourcing can help you boost consumer engagement.
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