The Business Value of Enterprise Crowdsourcing Part 1: Access to a Flexible Workforce

By: Alex Chrum | Published: July 30, 2012

Building and growing your business centers around creating business value, and crowdsourcing presents an ideal solution for several reasons. This five-part blog series focuses on those reasons, beginning with access to a flexible workforce and what that means to you.

Whether you are looking for validation to take the idea of crowdsourcing projects to your CEO or you are in charge of the decision yourself, you need to know exactly how a flexible workforce benefits your company.

24/7 completion of tasks with a flexible workforce

Regardless of your time constraints or business hours, you can count on the crowd to be the most flexible workforce available. With qualified workers from across the globe, enterprise crowdsourcing enables your project completion times to stay at a minimum. Large or small, your projects are tackled with equal dedication and a commitment to excellence by our experienced workforce around the clock—putting results in your hands faster.

Ability to scale projects up or down as needed

Whether your projects involve search relevance, product matching, data categorization or something else, you can increase and decrease the workflow to fit your project needs. For example, if you are having unique content written for product descriptions with our copywriting services, you can start with existing products. As you expand your product offerings, additional workflows are easily added in whatever time frame works best for your business.

Increased viability of new projects

In addition to the scalability, a flexible workforce gives you increased viability for new projects. Sometimes the expected benefits of taking on a project never come to fruition. With enterprise crowdsourcing, you can start a project, and when it is no longer beneficial, you can temporarily pause or permanently cancel the project, and utilize the workforce for another project. This flexibility allows you to tackle new projects using the crowd while you take on less risk.

Elimination of needing in-house staff for uncertain workflows

Enterprise crowdsourcing also creates business value in allowing you to forgo the need to hire in-house staff for workflows that are sporadic or uncertain. Hiring staff in-house adds more than just paying salary and wages; additional costs include space overhead, benefits, supervision, time off and other costs. When workflows are variable, a flexible workforce is the ideal solution because expectations are not the same.

If enterprise crowdsourcing and a flexible workforce is just what you need to tackle your big projects, contact a member of our sales team to discuss our enterprise solutions or how we can work together to build a solution to address the needs of your project.

Stay tuned for The Business Value of Crowdsourcing Part 2: Broad Access to Creative Talent.


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