Information Management, Search Relevance and Your Conversion Rate

By: Alex Chrum | Published: July 16, 2012

Information management and search relevance are at the top of your to-do list, right? Whether you answer yes or no to that question, the importance of both is clear. Regardless of how solid your SEO practices, your search traffic only converts to sales if customers can find what they’re searching for easily.

How strongly does search relevance affect your conversation rate? Consider these facts:

  • Site visitors who successfully utilize your search function are twice as likely to convert
  • Fifty percent of the time, site visitors add items to their cart after a successful search
  • Site visitors who do not quickly find what they want are three times as likely to leave your site

Data management related to products and the search relevance of every product on your site influences sales. Crowdsourcing gives you scalability that puts your data to work increasing conversion rates and increasing customer satisfaction by improving search relevance and the management of product-related data, such as attributes.

Accelerate your site search relevance

When your site uses text-based searching, the type and form of data impacts how successfully customers find what they seek. Adding data tags, incorporating search-oriented keywords and examining search results to determine relevance all play a part in accelerating your search functionality.

Customer frustration increases when a search for specific products yields 100s of out-of-context results. For example, searching for a laptop might return results for everything from laptop cases to laptop peripherals with an occasional laptop popping into the results. Your search functionality might allow for narrowing searches by brand or price, but these filtered results still contain products your customers are not seeking.

Enhance data management and search relevance with the crowd

The crowd can take existing hierarchy data for your products and restructure it to maximize conversion rates by making searches more relevant with the appropriate tags, keywords and category assignments. Your data needs to be optimized to work with your search platform parameters to take advantage of the possibilities.

Even if your hierarchy is in place, you can tap into the crowd’s collective knowledge and experience to improve search relevance. Through marking irrelevant results to providing additional search terms with relevance, the crowd tackles search relevance tasks to make improvements to your search functionality that directly translates into a higher conversion rate.

The business value created by using the crowd is through the scalability of your data management and search relevance projects. The faster your search platform is improved, the sooner it can go to work increasing your conversation rates. Learn more about improving your search relevancy and data management with attribute identification, categorization and search relevance, or contact a member of our sales team today to put the crowd to work for you.


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