CrowdSource Launches

By: Brittany Corners | Published: January 4, 2012

CrowdSource announces the launch of, a writer recruitment portal and reference resource that brings new writers into the Mechanical Turk ecosystem.

On Friday, December 23, 2011, CrowdSource announced the launch of, a recruitment portal for freelance writers. introduces students, professional writers and freelance writers to writing jobs available through Amazon Mechanical Turk. Writers are also able to choose writing jobs that meet their interests and advance their career through a tiered system designed to promote writers for quality and reliability.

According to Stephanie Leffler, CEO of CrowdSource, “We employ a recognition system modeled after offline career paths to motivate and reward our best writers. Those who compose quality work are able to earn a position as an editor. Editors who do a good job can earn a promotion to editorial trainer and so on.” also provides free writing resources to writers, assisting with all things grammar, spelling and punctuation.

“Providing our workforce with the necessary tools to improve is key to the success of both our writers and our company. In order to continue creating scalable content for some of the internet’s largest brands, our writers must be top notch,” noted Leffler. uses Amazon Mechanical Turk to provide writers with a trustworthy, flexible platform for accessing writing jobs. With over 150,000 writing jobs posted to Mechanical Turk daily, writers enjoy a deep pool of work from which to choose.


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