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Search Relevance

Our search relevance solutions ensure shoppers find relevant products when searching your site. With more than half of shoppers using onsite search to browse e-commerce stores, improving site search is a guaranteed way to boost your store’s conversion rate.

Search Relevance Solutions

Continuous Optimization – As your inventory changes, so does your search results. Integrate with our API to send your most popular queries on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to ensure your search is always producing high quality results.

Identify & Fix Problems – Our workforce not only helps you identify problematic searches, but implement solutions as well. Our tagging and attribute enrichment solutions can be implemented as a “next step” in our workflow process so that problematic queries are repaired without any internal effort.

Test New Search Algorithms – As you make changes to your site search our workers perform searches on your staging site and provide you with instant feedback on your changes. We benchmark each query using your production website and then test the same queries on your staging site, allowing you to see the impact of your changes across a large set of queries.

How it Works

We build a worker pool, targeted to match your customers’ demographics. These workers search your site using a list of your most frequent or most problematic search queries. They report how many items are relevant and irrelevant for each search, surfacing queries that need attention. We send you reports showing you which queries are harming customer experience. Connect to our API for real time results or send us queries via spreadsheet on a periodic basis.


Benefits of Search Relevance


We select a worker pool targeted to replicate the demographics of your customers, ensuring that our workers’ opinions are the same as your customers’.


We have more than 50,000 workers standing by to participate in our search relevancy tests so you get results in near real time.

Cost Effective

You pay per query tested, allowing you to control your budget and timing of your spend. Price per query tested starts at as little as $0.07.


Onsite Search: The Key to Conversion

“For a typical ecommerce store, 57% of visitors will use the search feature, and are 2.7 times more likely to make a purchase if they find the product they want.”

“Visitors who use site search average a 9.41% conversion rate, while those who don’t convert 2.07%.” ( – Holy Grail of E-Commerce Conversion)


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