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Buying Guides

We understand that in order to improve your bottom line you need to both prove yourself as an authority and leverage that authority to promote your products and services.  Buying guides are an impactful way to provide value, earn authority, and promote your products and services when customers are ready to buy.  Crowdsourcing offers a unique solution to not only produce large numbers of high quality buying guides, but it offers a faster and more efficient way to produce them when compared to other methods like traditional outsourcing and managing internal teams of writers.

Buying Guide Elements

Highlight Buying Considerations – Buying guides outline the factors consumers should evaluate before making a purchasing decision.  

Product Comparisons – Comparisons of key features and product benefits help buyers understand which products are most likely to satisfy their needs.

Additional Resources – Our buying guides include references to additional informational resources and often induce repeat visits by customers looking to better inform their purchasing decisions. 


Benefits of Crowdsourcing

Quality Writing

Our copywriters are trained to follow your brand style guide to create valuable content.

Specialized Teams

We find a team of writers from our workforce of 10,000+ professional writers with the skill-level and interests specific to your needs.

On-Site Strategy

We’ll help guide an on-site optimization strategy to reach engagement goals and increase search engine visibility.

Scale and Speed

By leveraging the crowd, we can create a large quantity of buying guides with quick turnaround times.


When your project requirements shift, we’re there to implement changes and optimize the workflow.

Benefits of Buying Guides

Engage Prospects Earlier in the Buying Cycle - Information gained in the research phase of the buying cycle directly influences customer behavior in the buying phase.  

Inform your Customers – Providing buyers with the information they need to make educated decisions drives repeat visits and demonstrates topical authority.  

Inspire Purchasing Decisions – By making the “right” information available, you can inspire confidence in your products and services.    

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