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Comment Moderation

Manage your community’s reputation through consistent, unbiased moderation of user-generated comments in real time. Our solutions apply various levels of moderation to protect expression and keep online communities safe.

Comment Moderation Types

Compliance Moderation – Whether your business is a social networking site or a community management platform, professional moderation ensures that all user-generated content submitted to your site complies with your policies and terms of service.


Internal Moderation – Our comment moderation solutions include real-time tagging of comments generated by your community, effectively labeling comments for appropriate internal team members, such as customer service, sales, tech support and more.



Automated Moderation – CrowdSource’s software automatically detects and parses user-defined banned keywords and flagged keywords for review. This automation significantly decreases the percentage of content requiring review and is a proven method for decreasing moderation costs.


Benefits of Comment Moderation

Guideline Compliance

Regulate contests and sweepstakes to ensure all comments and brand responses meet promotional guidelines.


Community Ownership

Have confidence in running a large online community where comments and other shared content are safe for all users.


COPA & Cyber-Bullying

Once our moderators identify child-related violations, our software flags these instances and escalates the matter for direction to proper authorities.


Brand Protection

Protect your brand identity across multiple channels and minimize the impact of inappropriate user-generated questions and comments.

Elements of Comment Moderation

API Integration

Our application programming interface integrates with your software, cutting back on development time and resource cost.


A large team of moderators ensures a fast turnaround time.


When your project requirements or volume shifts, we're there to implement changes.


If your brand invites peer-to-peer conversations, real-time comment moderation solutions are more than 98% accurate, helping you promote a friendly community environment.