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Product Matching

Use CrowdSource’s product matching solutions to assess the competitive landscape and build accurate, streamlined data for your business.

Product matching is a scalable and cost effective way to assess the competitive landscape and optimize data for your business. No matter the size of your catalog, contact a CrowdSource sales team member to learn how you can employ our formula for matching products or SKUs across multiple catalogs.

Whether the task involves attempting to reconcile products or SKUs from multiple catalogs or trying to de-duplicate a master product list, it often requires a human touch.

Typical Product Matching Services Include:

  • Product reconciliation
  • Product comparison
  • De-duplication
  • Catalog cleansing

More About Product Matching Services

Progressively, more consumers shop online for a wide variety of products. The benefits associated with online shopping attract even the most disgruntled shoppers.

One of the highly emphasized aspects of shopping online is the ability to view a larger selection of products from different brands, prices, colors, etc. Therefore, it is even more imperative that consumers take the time to view products side-by-side for product matching.

The following are advantages of comparing products online:

  • Consumers can more easily find products that meet all of their expectations with a larger variety to compare.
  • Opinions from other consumers about personal experiences with different products can help or hinder purchasing a product.
  • Product matching online saves consumers time and money compared to driving from store to store comparing similar products.
  • Online retailers provide more information about products that need to be weighted, which is most likely not included in a brick-and-mortar store.
  • Consumers can compare more products from different competitors and potentially obtain a better bargain.

Product matching, de-duplication and catalog cleansing are mission critical tasks for many businesses. These tasks have been difficult to solve with a 100% algorithm based solution. Combine smart pre-formatting with the human touch and unprecedented results are possible.

API and Pricing

Our platform features an API that enables real-time submissions and hands-off management of user-generated content for enterprise-level clients. For more information on how we can manage your user-generated content as well as our pricing structure, please contact us.

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