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Erin Steinbruegge Interviewed on iHeart Radio

By: CrowdSource | Published: March 26, 2015

Erin Steinbruegge, CrowdSource COO, stopped in to chat with Michelle Esswein of iHeartRadio about how CrowdSource is changing the way the world works. In this podcast, she explains how a combination of economic factors, advanced technology and a generation who values flexibility and meaningful work is driving the freelance market to new heights. As CrowdSource […]

4 Habits of Highly Successful Solopreneurs

By: Ryan Noble | Published: March 25, 2015

The freelance economy is exploding at the same time businesses are changing the way they recruit and onboard employees. The process of talent acquisition is moving from an expensive, variable-cost exercise to a fluid, pay-for-productivity system. Could this be a random coincidence, or are solopreneurs changing the structure of enterprise human resources? Solopreneurs are a […]

Moving Work to the Workers, Not the Other Way Around

By: Nicki Powers | Published: March 24, 2015

You don’t need to meet someone in person to discern whether or not their work is of high quality. This is the founding premise of Automattic, the tech startup responsible for the popular blogging platform, WordPress. With no email and no office workers, Automattic grew into a 190-employee company with a $1 billion valuation, while […]

CrowdSource President, Ryan Noble, Delivers a Podcast on the Power of the Crowd

By: Nicki Powers | Published: March 23, 2015

Ryan Noble, CrowdSource President and Co-founder, was recently interviewed by Domain Name Wire in this exclusive podcast where he discusses the power of the crowd. You might be surprised to learn about the interesting ways businesses are tapping into CrowdSource’s distributed workforce to complete large-scale projects such as content creation for ecommerce merchants, or finding good Web domain […]

The Future of Work is Freelancing

By: Ryan Noble | Published: March 20, 2015

Millions of workers across the globe are making the jump from full-time employment to freelancing, and the concept of the traditional enterprise is said to be dying. But is it really dying, or do we need to adjust our expectations? Change is Coming In the not-so-distant past, the idea of lifetime employment with a single […]

Achieve Your Content Marketing Goals with Freelance Talent

By: Nicki Powers | Published: March 17, 2015

By now, it should come as no surprise that content marketing is a critical aspect of a brand’s digital presence. With nearly 40% of U.S. companies relying on blogs for marketing purposes, the competition is steep – and will only steepen in the coming years. This influx of web content makes a strong case for […]

CrowdSource CEO, Stephanie Leffler Gives Advice to Entrepreneurs

By: Nicki Powers | Published: March 12, 2015

CrowdSource CEO, Stephanie Leffler recently received the honor of being featured in Regions Money Management column. In this exclusive interview, Leffler discusses what inspired her to co-found CrowdSource and provides tips to fellow entrepreneurs. You might be surprised to learn about CrowdSource’s roots, including the ventures that came before it. “It’s always been about looking […]