CrowdSource CEO Stephanie Leffler Inspires Young Achievers to Think Like Entrepreneurs

By: Brittany Corners | Published: April 23, 2014

Stephanie Leffler, CEO and co-founder of CrowdSource, was the keynote speaker for the 2014 Young Women of Achievement Awards ceremony April 14 at Bellecourt Manor in Belleville, Ill. Leffler’s speech to 15 exceptional young women addressed how she achieved success on her own terms by not being afraid to take chances. Swansea, IL (PRWEB) April […]

10 Ways to Attract Blog Traffic

By: Aaron Stevens | Published: April 4, 2014

So, you started a blog, the only problem is, no one’s reading or visiting it yet. Here are 10 tips that will help attract readers and improve your content strategy. 1. Have patience. Like your retirement account balance grows over time, so your blog grows as you invest in it. A new blog won’t pull […]

Duplicate Content Questions around LinkedIn's 'Publishing for All'

By: Aaron Stevens | Published: April 3, 2014

LinkedIn, the networking social media platform with more than 250 million registered users worldwide, has just opened up their LinkedIn Pulse publishing platform to all users, a privilege that used to be reserved for the site’s influencers (a “by invitation only” designation.) What you publish on LinkedIn Pulse will show up on your profile page […]

Content Ownership and the Risks of Building Brands on Social Platforms

By: Aaron Stevens | Published: April 2, 2014

Successful content marketing requires a large investment of time, energy and words. To be effective, you need to build a website, create unique content regularly, blog faithfully and connect with readers and customers via social media. There are many different ways you can set up your little content marketing fiefdom. You can purchase your own […]

Unique Crowdsourcing Uses

By: Aaron Stevens | Published: April 1, 2014

Crowdsourcing represents one of the biggest growing trends in business today. There are four main commonly accepted types of crowdsourcing in use today: 1) Microtasking This is a method whereby a large project is broken down into very small tasks that are farmed out to a large group of people. 2) Macrotasking Whereby a large […]

Content Marketing through Crowdsourced Article Creation

By: Aaron Stevens | Published: March 31, 2014

Whether you need dozens of articles or thousands, crowdsourced article creation is way to procure content with the greatest return on investment. Crowdsourcing your articles lets you tap into a large volume of writers to launch a content marketing campaign virtually instantaneously.

How to Make a Living Off of Freelancing Tasks

By: Kira Whitaker | Published: March 27, 2014

Before I made the decision to stay at home and become a freelance writer, I discussed the leap with my friends and old coworkers. They all had the same question: “How are you going to make a living doing this?” I wasn’t sure, but I was bound and determined to make it work, and you […]

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