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Content and Data Solutions

Align specialized talent with advanced software to solve your business problems.

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Crowdsourcing Solutions

  • Copywriting Solutions

    Large-scale copywriting made simple. Our experienced workforce creates product copy, articles and blogs that are unique and designed to highlight features and benefits, which is key to engaging site visitors and driving customers through your conversion funnel.

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  • Content Moderation Solutions

    We’re online 24 x 7 to protect your brand. Have the confidence to run a large-scale online community where comments, images and videos can be shared safely. We’ll regulate your promotional material and protect your brand reputation so you don’t have to.

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  • Data Solutions

    Fast and efficient data solutions. Complete data tasks faster and with greater accuracy than traditional methods. With software-based quality-control and proprietary worker reputation management, we ensure work is completed with confidence.

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  • Transcription Solutions

    Quick and easy transcription solutions. Transcribe your audio and video content to increase exposure and accessibility. We transcribe your audio and video files in real-time at a fraction of traditional transcription prices. Let our transcription specialists handle your audio and video files fast and accurately for more online exposure. 

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